"Rapture Paradise" Live at Great Scott Video

I recently had the opportunity to drum for a veritable super-group of musicians and friends under the School for Robots banner.  The inimitable Curtis Killian leads the band, of course, and supporting him on this evening were the likes of Maxwell Butler on keys, Clinton Degan on guitar, and Abram Taber on bass.  Red Hot Box Studios was there with video cameras, and they captured-created this video of our performance of “Rapture Paradise,” the last song in our set that night.  The energy is suitably (I think) raucous; it seems we could barely be contained.


Our time together was brief as it was a last-minute show, but already more dates are in the works for this line-up and I can’t wait to see where it goes!  If we can pick up where we left off with that performance, things yet more… let’s say “paisley”… are in store.

Bill Dwyer Band Studio Cut; New Baby Made Rebel Video

I recently got to join Bill Dwyer and Doug Batchelder at Doug’s studio in North Reading, The Den, to capture a version of CCR’s “Long As I Can See the Light” that Bill and I have been playing for a while now with the band.  Doug saw a video of it and liked it so much that he wanted to get a version in his studio.  Doug ended up doing the lion’s share of the work on this one - guitars, keys, bass, engineering and producing - and the end result sounds awesome.  I find myself wanting to play air guitar every time I hear Doug’s solo come in.  Hope you like the track.


Also, Lance recently finished the final video from our live set on The Boston Local Music Show over at UNRegular Radio.  Lance has gotten really good at slicing up one camera’s worth of video and adding depth to the video, which should greatly reduce our future music video budgets!  I also love the over-compressed, quasi-gritty sound of these videos.


some new media

I just posted some new media over in the Media section as well as in the Bands and Projects / Discography sections.

I’ve been generally less active for the last couple months, both by design and by situation - while Baby Made Rebel has been pushing a bit harder with some videos and gigs while continuing work on a full-length, Bill Dwyer Band has paused to catch its breath for the summer, and Justin Shorey has gone and had himself a son!

Summertime has historically been busy time, but this time I’m enjoying the quiet.  Because it never lasts very long.

New stuff:  

Misc. Media:  live radio performance videos for Baby Made Rebel’s “Matches,” “Everything Evil Happened,” and a little clip of in-studio drumming Jordan shot (I get to really crush the end of that song).  

Discography:  I got a credit on the new School for Robots album “No Prancing Required” - “Rapture Paradise” is the final track.  Curtis also pulled an improvised jam he and I did and done gone publick’d it.  I didn’t even know he was recording - we were waiting for Justin Shorey and Jean Sullivan to return to the studio during a  session for Justin.  The jam is code-named “Curtains for Cullis.”  More of those jams to come - and slightly more self-aware ones to boot!


Baby Made Rebel's new single, “Envy,” is now streamable and (at the time of this posting) available for free download.


The track was produced independently with Lance, the man, the myth, the legend himself, at the helm, the rest of us providing our ears and ideas.  (We played instruments, too.)  With a little help from our friends in the way of borrowing a couple pre-amps and a mic or two, we were able to bedroom-style this one, and I’m psyched about the result.

It’s the lead-in track for the full length we’re in the middle of recording right now.  Hopefully we’ll have some more teasers to put out there soon.  For now, hope you like the tune.

Two New Tracks, and Some New Beats

Been bad about updating; here are two new tracks I was happy to be involved with.



Justin Shorey completed his track “Hot Time Cold Town.”  I love this song.  Production credits go to the inimitable Curtis Killian (check out his Song a Week project and incredible songs at http://soundcloud.com/schoolforrobots).  Full track credits: Curtis and Justin on production (engineering, mixing and mastering by Curtis); Justin on guitar and lead vox; Curtis also on guitars and backup vox; Bryan Murphy on horns; bass by Jean Sullivan; keys by Ryan Gildea; drums by me.


http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150823636325674 (YouTube or Vimeo link coming soon; if that link doesn’t work, video accessible at http://www.facebook.com/babymaderebel )

Baby Made Rebel finished a video with the video shooting and editing help of Ryan Plaisted.  This is the lead-in single for the full-length we’re in the middle of recording.  This video and its accompanying audio were recorded live, and Lance did the engineering and mixing for it.  We’re all psyched about how it came out.  We have a single release show for the full studio version of the song this coming Saturday, 5/19 at Precinct.  http://www.facebook.com/events/239246456183181/


http://soundcloud.com/wullz (“Cubeats” set)

Finally, I put up some new beats a little bit ago.  They’re mixed in there with the old ones as a dirty trick to get you to listen through them all.  Actually, I started ranking them with a mixed system of newness and by how much I like them.  I’ve got some more ready to go; just need to get out to the ‘burbs and sit at the kit.  This week sometime.

Enjoy the sun, y’all

Beats Project

I started a beat project on Soundcloud. I’ll be uploading new, original (so far as I know) beats periodically.  Creative commons; downloadable; happy to record higher quality versions for any purpose (all beats recorded with an Olympus LS10 unless otherwise noted; today’s batch of beats has some clipping).  Would love to be linked to any use of these beats.  If you publish, please credit.

Uploaded also with the hope that some other drummers might find them fun to play / adapt to their own style or to solo around.  If so, please link any video/audio you take!  Happy to record video for sticking, etc.